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Prodizen Launches Small-Dose Autocyte Therapy Kit

  • 작성일 : 2016.07.13
  • 조회수 : 128

PROSYS ACT 10···Reduce blood collection to 30cc → 10cc 


Prodizen, a domestic autologous cell therapy kit manufacturer, recently released a new product called "PROSYS ACT 10" (hereinafter referred to as ACT10).

ACT (Autologous Cell Treatment) refers to autologous cell therapy, and its peripheral blood can be extracted and used as an A-cell treatment. ACT 10, developed this time, has been reduced to 10cc for patients and nurses who are burdened with the blood collection of 30cc of existing products.

It is characterized by the ease of extracting a layer containing a large amount of platelets (Buffy Coat) and having a very high platelet recovery rate. Significant results can be produced even in a small amount of blood.

"ACT10 is a product that can be easily accessed by patients who have previously been burdened with blood collection and patients who have hesitated to use existing kits at high prices," a Prodigen official said. "Prodizen is a leading company in domestic autologous cell therapy kits and plans to strengthen its lineup with various standards and more advanced systems that reflect consumer needs."