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Seoul St. Mary's Hospital - MOU on Prodizen Research Co., Ltd.

  • 작성일 : 2015.04.30
  • 조회수 : 140
Catholic University of Korea's Seoul St. Mary's Hospital (Professor Seung Ki-bae) signed a research cooperation MOU with Prodizen (CEO Shim Soo-ja) for PRP (self-platelet rich plasma treatment) cell therapy in the conference room on the 21st floor of the main building on April 9.

About 10 key officials attended the event, including Seung Ki-bae, head of Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Yang Chul-woo, head of the Research Department (Director of Leading Immune Disease Convergence Research Project), Cho Seok-gu, head of the Cell Therapy Center, and CEO of Prodizen Shim Soo-ja.

This joint research agreement is designed to promote mutual cooperation and exchange for PRP clinical research. The hospital plans to conduct all research related to PRP procedures, share medical and clinical information necessary for clinical research, and conduct clinical trials.

"Close cooperation between the two institutions will be a great help in PRP research development," said Seung Ki-bae, head of the hospital. "We are confident that we will establish ourselves as a leader in cell therapy such as PRP procedures through joint research, academic and technical information with Prodizen, which is building the foundation for cell therapy in Korea."

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