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'PMP Buffy Coat Lacek' Dry Eye, Recovery Period, Pain Relief

  • 작성일 : 2019.03.27
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Reporter Yoon Jeong-hoon 

According to data from the Ministry of Health and Welfare on the 27th, 100,000 people receive vision correction surgery annually. The reason why many people receive vision correction surgery is not only to change their vision, but also to relieve the inconvenience of uncomfortable glasses and lenses.

If you are planning eye correction surgery, you should pay special attention to possible problems in the future as it is a precious eye surgery.

Problems that arise from vision correction can be broadly divided into three categories: dry eye, slow recovery speed, and corneal damage. 


[Picture = Bright St. Mary's Eye Clinic] 

To improve this problem, Bright St. Mary's Eye Department studied data on autologous serum and performed Buffy Coat (PMP) surgery with Prodigen, a leading company in cell therapy. 

Buffycoat surgery separates strong growth factors contained in platelets in our bodies by blood from the patient's arms before surgery. It is a surgical method that uses eye drops made by mixing separated growth factors and artificial tears, a wound treatment, and interest in office workers who are already suffering from dry eyes or who need a short recovery period before surgery is increasing.

Just as each person's skin tissue is different, the cornea also varies widely. Due to the development of the generalized LASIK market, surgery is sometimes considered simple and prematurely selected an ophthalmologist. Above all, for safe and satisfactory surgery, you should choose the ophthalmologist that best suits you, and plan eye surgery through sufficient consultation with an ophthalmologist before surgery.

Lee Sang-kyu, director of Bright St. Mary's Eye Clinic, said, "We are treating patients for personalized counseling, customized surgery, and safe surgery for various patients. In particular, the nine directors of Bright St. Mary's Eye Clinic are constantly studying to improve the problems of vision correction through the surgical experience of various patients."